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ТЕМА: What is new in MapleStory 2?

What is new in MapleStory 2? 2 мес. 6 дн. назад #5833

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MapleStory 2 isn't what you may have come to expect from Korean MMOs -- neither overearnest, nor obsessed with the rush of levelling for the sake. This can be an MMO for people who love exploration and stories. Within minutes you may be setting fire to an anime Hogwarts as a delinquent. This is a fantasy game WITH MS2 Mesos, after all.

A lot of game programmers lose their sense of humour when faced with constructing a dream world, but MapleStory 2 has comedy baked. From its loath yet impatient protagonist to its somewhat irresponsible authority characters, the game's epic narrative hits different beats compared to other MMOs -- even while fulfilling the nostalgic need for RPG heroes and villains. Getting around that world is a new possibility , too. MapleStory 2 is viewed from on top, which lends its territory to mining, and distinguishes it as a MMO that isn't simply chasing after World of Warcraft.

You may remember the MapleStory as a side-scroller, unusual for using vertical space, in its own genre. Together with MapleStory 2 the show has become 3D -- but shouldn't be considered a indication that it has become more conventional. Rather than the usual third-person RPG, MapleStory 2's world is made up of isometric dioramas, retaining its accessible and adorable presentation.

Where the oaks are so tall that they could have a complete street of tree houses, it blocky at the lecture halls of school and out in the wide world. Since you're able to scale any surface in the game it's no less vertiginous either. Exploring feels like investigating, instead of simply legging it from a single exclamation mark to the next.

This is a complete reimagining of all MapleStory, filling out personalities and locations from the very first game in 3 dimensions -- if that's urbanised burglar hideout Kerning City, or the cozy Shrimp city of Henesys. And, naturally, this means you can customise your character from every angle too...

MapleStory 2 includes a stylised decorative -- so much so its wizards are taught specifically how to deal with the disarming threat of"cute monsters" -- but there is still lots of styling left over to perform yourself. The match begins with character customisation that's more characterful than you might be utilized to Buy MapleStory2 Mesos-- we paired a'Lovely Breeze' hairdo with a'Scoffing Face'. This is an editor in tune with its audience's priorities, enabling you to ascertain position and the size of your pigtails.
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